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We want to provide consumers with low prices and more choice and flexibility in TV packages (or as much as channel providers will allow us) so they can build their own TV package. You start with one of our basic packages and then customize from there.

The Skinny is the lowest priced, starter package on the market today - only $17.95/month for 29 key channels - including all the major Canadian and US networks.

Our Basic TV package is $29.95/month for over 50 channels; all the Canadian and US networks, plus popular specialty channels like CP24, TSN 1-5, MuchMusic and E!. Or get our Premium Basic TV package - over 70 channels, and includes everything in the Basic Package plus great specialty channels like AMC, A&E, Bravo, CNN, TLC, Sportsnet and more. Premium Basic is only $44.95/month and you get one month FREE!

then you can add Theme packs of channels like SportsFan, KidsPack and Movies for more TV entertainment. And with our UChoose online store, you can select a la carte channels. Pay for channels that you want to watch!

Check out our channel packages and great prices in the TV section. 

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