How do I set up parental controls on my TV? How do I change my parental control pin number?


When you are in TV Guide, press the 'options' button and a panel will appear on the right hand side to set up parental controls. Parental controls allow you to select which shows you wish to allow your children to view. We use the MPAA ratings system: G (General), PG, PG-13, R (Restricted) and NC-17 (no children 17 or under).

You can choose both the maximum rating and the length of time for the limitation to remain in place. For example, if you chose G, only G-rated shows will be shown; if you chose PG-13, only G and PG-13 rated shows will be shown.

Once you have made your selections, you can engage them by entering your parents control pin in the pop-up screen. Your parental control pin is the initial password that we emailed to you when you first signed up. Once your parental controls are set up, any show with a higher rating than what you have set up (R or NC-17 in our example above) would require you to enter your parents control pin to access.

You can also change this pin to a shorter, more convenient one or your regular password in your 'My Account' (under TV, then settings). After you have changed the pin, press refresh on your remote when the VBox is in TV guide or any other screen, and your VBox will adjust to the new pin.

Information on parental controls is also available in our VBox manual in the TV Guide section: 

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