How do I troubleshoot for slow speed issues?

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When you notice you are experiencing slow speeds, please try the following and gather information about your connection.  This will ensure that if there does happen to be a problem on the network side, we can identify it and have it resolved as quickly as possible.
Please note: This information is required to be gathered while your service is experiencing difficulties. If your issue is intermittent, please complete these steps while your connection is experiencing slower than expected speeds.  If there is a pattern to this issue (ie: speeds drop at 9pm every night, and return at 11pm), please let us know.

If you are not comfortable completing these steps on your own, or have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Technical Support team. We are open every day from 10am - 9pm, and this information can be gathered remotely, with your permission.  

Please copy and paste this entire template into a text editor such as notepad. You will need to record the results of some of the below steps on the template itself. Alternatively, you can simply download this .txt file Troubleshooting-Speed Issues.txt
 and record your results within it.
  1. What operating system are you using? (Windows XP/Vista/7/8, OSX, etc.)
  2. Please connect your computer directly to your modem using an Ethernet cord. Please ensure that any router/switch is removed for these tests.
  3. Open up a web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and go to the address (closest local server). Run the speed test and please record your results:
    • Download:
    • Upload:
If the results of the above speed test match the speed you have subscribed to then your router may be the issue. Alternatively, another device on your network may have been heavily using your bandwidth. If you continue to experience slow speeds through your router but NOT when your computer is directly connected to the modem you may wish to contact your router manufacturer's support line.

If the results of the above speed test are significantly different from what you have purchased, please continue troubleshooting:
  1. We will now need to access your modem's management interface. To do this open a web browser and go to the address
  2. Now that we are in your modem's management interface, we will need to gather some information. The first thing we will need is the modem MAC address. This can be found on the Addresses or Main page. Please record your modems MAC address here:
  3. We will also need the signal levels your modem is receiving. These can be found on the "signal" or "diagnostics page". Please copy the downstream/forward path table and the upstream/return path table from these pages and paste it here:
  • The above power levels let us determine the quality of the signal coming to your home. If these results are poor it may actually be a signal problem causing your speed issue. For your reference the power levels should fall within these ranges:
    Downstream/Forward Path Power: -11 to +11 dBmV
    Downstream/Forward Path SNR: 32+ dB
    Upstream/Return Path Power: 35 to 52 dBmV
  • If the signal levels from your modem are NOT within the above ranges, please troubleshoot your RF Signal. If they do fall within range, continue with this troubleshooting.
7. Now, we will need to look at the recent logs in your modem.  These can be found on the “Logs” page of your Thomson or Motorola modem.  Please copy/paste the most recent entries below:
8.Now we will need to factory reset your modem. To do so please follow the directions related to your modem:
How To Reset the Thompson/Technicolor DCM475/476
  • Press and hold the pinhole reset button located on the back of the modem for around 11 seconds.
  • Release the button, the modem should now restart itself in factory default conditions
 How To Reset the Motorola SB5120/SB6120/SB6121/SB6141 Modem?                           
  1. Access the management interface by going to the address
  2. Click on the "Configuration" tab
  3. Click "Reset All Defaults/Restore Factory Defaults" and confirm by clicking "OK"
  4. Click "Restart Cable Modem" and confirm by pressing "OK"
  5. The modem should restart in Factory Default condition. (Please note: May take 5 - 30 minutes
  6. Once your modem has fully restarted and you are able to get online, please run another speed test at and record your results:  
  7. If your speed test results have returned to normal and you are able to surf at good speeds, good news, the modem just needed to be reset. You should not be good to go! If your speeds are still poor, please continue troubleshooting.
Now, we need to gather configuration information from your computer.  This will help us narrow down the root cause of your slow speed.

9.  Windows:  Open Command Prompt.  Command Prompt can be accessed by clicking the Start Button, and then navigating to All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.  Please run the following commands and record the results.  You can either take screenshots, or copy/paste the information (right click > select all> Enter) below. 
  • ipconfig/all
  • ping
  • ping -n 50
  • tracert
  • ping -n 50
  • tracert                         
10.  MAC: Please open System Preferences > Network. 
  • Select Ethernet and record the IP address
Now, open Applications > Utilities > Network Utility and select the Ping tab.  Enter the following into the Network Address field and set the number of Pings to 50.  Record the results (Command C+V to copy/paste) below:

11.  Please e-mail this completed template to  Use your Customer ID # (can be found on your invoice) and the issue you are experiencing (slow speeds) as the subject.

Please include the following:

  • What is the best, non-VOIP contact number that we can use to contact you with regards to this ticket?
  • In the event that a dispatch is needed, what time of day are you generally available at your residence?  8am - 11am, 11am - 2pm, 2pm - 5pm, or 5pm - 8pm
Thank you for your patience and assistance in troubleshooting this issue, and we hope to get your internet back up to full speed as quick as possible.

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