How do I set up the 2.4 GHz wireless remote with my VBox?

If your remote is not automatically paired with your VBox, then follow these steps:
  1. First be sure that your VBox is on, then plug in the USB dongle. Press and hold the "1" button and "9" buton on the remote at the same time.
  2. The LED on the remote control will turn on to indicate that it is now in pairing mode. The remote control will search the VBox and send the pairing request to the device.
  3. The LED on the remote control will blink three times slowly (blink one time each second) if pairing procedure is finished successfully.
The pointer follows the user's motions (no matter what the motion is: circular, horizontal, vertical, fast, slow, etc) The pointer works smoothly, can go precisely where the user wants it to, and doesn't produce any unwanted movements or delays.
There are gyros inside. Two gyros produce the initial delta x and delta y data. This can be accomplished because the gyros measure the amount of angular velocity in their corresponding axis.

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