Can I get VMedia TV on its own?

To enjoy VMedia's innovative TV service, you will need VMedia internet or internet with of one our affiliates Transmission Affiliates. This is similar to Bell Fibe, Telus Optik, other IPTV  service providers. 
VMedia’s TV service is delivered over your home internet connection instead of cable or satellite so you need our internet service in order to have TV. And moreover, VMedia’s advanced TV platform comes with more interactivity, features and benefits that traditional TV does not have.  
Our channels providers eg CTV, Sportsnet, History, etc as well as CRTC regulations currently require that the delivery of TV content is over our internet service or that of an Affiliate in order to protect this content. ‎
And VMedia has terrific high speed, unlimited internet plans, Cable or DSL, all at unbeatable prices. And it is easy to switch. 

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