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TheSkinny is the lowest priced, basic package available in Canada today, and the perfect starter package for your own customized TV line-up. Twenty eight key channels for only $17.95 including all the major Canadian and US networks: CBC, CTV, Global, CHCH, CITYTV,TVO, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and PBS, and more.  Start with TheSkinny and build your own personal TV package with our Theme packs and individual channels in our UChoose store.
Any Twenty
Check out - Any Twenty  - our latest UChoose option where you can select any 20 channels from over 60 channels in our UChoose store for only $30/month. Add any additional channel for $1.50/channel. Create your own TV line up and pay for the channels you want to watch.
Right now, we are permitted by channel providers to offer just over 60 channels on a standalone or ‘pick a package’ basis, but beginning December, 2016, all channels will be made available as standalones or on a ‘pick a pack’ basis. So stay tuned!

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