How do I set up my VBox?


The VBox comes with easy to use instructions for set up. These detailed set up instructions are also found in our VBox manual:

Once you have connected your TV, follow the steps from the 'Set up Wizard' which should appear on your screen. This should have you up and running. You will need your username and password which were both sent in an email following sign up.

Make sure your HDMI or RCA cables and ethernet or wi-fi internet connection are properly connected.

Please note that for best VBox performance, we recommend that you connect through an ethernet cable.

If you decide to connect via Ethernet, we recommend turning the wifi connection off, and vice versa if you choose to connect over wifi. If you still have questions or need assistance, our Tech Support team is available everyday from 10 am to 9 pm EST by phone (1-855-333-8269), by chat or by email. If you prefer not to do the set up yourself, we can send our professional installer to your home to do the complete installation for a cost of $59.95.

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