How do I set up the SpeedTouch 585 (Bridge Mode) ?

Internet > DSL

The SpeedTouch 585 can be setup in routed or bridged mode. Bridge mode should be used when you wish to use your own third party router.  
 Navigate to the modem's web interface. (
 Click on the Thompson Gateway button. (Left hand side of page.)
 Click the Set Up link. (Found below Pick a task...)
 Click Next.
 Select Bridge then click Next.
 Set the VPI/VCI to the correct value for the customer's region.
 Ontario/Quebec: 0/35
 Alberta/BC: 0/33
 Nova Scotia: 0/35 or 1/0
 Newfoundland: 0/34, 0/35, 0/36, or 8/36
 PEI: 0/35
 New Brunswick: 0/34 or 0/35
 Click Next.
 Uncheck (or check) the DHCP Server box, then click Next.
 Check if you intend to connect a PC straight to the modem.
 Uncheck if you intend to use a Router.
 Enter your desired administrative password settings then click Next. (It is highly recommended to leave this as is.)
 Click Start. (The configuration process could take up to a minute)
 Click Finish.

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