I am experiencing slow network speeds

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Speed is dependent on coverage, congestion, or prioritisation of the local carrier.
However, if your eSIM requires you to manually add/update your APN settings, if you do not do it correctly, you may misunderstand as if your connection is slow while in fact the eSIM was not set up correctly.
If you are experiencing slow network speeds, please check if you have met all the requirements from your eSIM installation page, and proceed as below:
  • Turn off 4G/LTE for 3 minutes before enabling it again (iOS devices only)
  • If you are experiencing slow network speeds after completing the above, please try to set your device to 3G only
  • Toggle the airplane mode on and off
In case your eSIM supports more than one network, you can also try to select a different network than you are currently connected to, in order to see if it provides a better service..
If the speed does not improve, please contact us for further assistance.

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