How can I top up an eSIM?

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Only rechargeable eSIMs can be topped-up. You can check whether the eSIM is rechargeable or not under “Additional information” before purchasing it.
After the purchase, you can find the “Top-Up” option available for rechargeable eSIMs under “VMedia Amy Account/My eSIMs”.
You can top up your eSIM either on the website or on the VMedia app:
  1. Log into your VMedia account
  2. Go to My eSIMS
  3. Choose the eSIM you want to top-up
  4. Select the top-up amount
  5. The top-up amount will be ready for use as long as the previous bundle has been used
If there is no “Top up” button, or the button doesn’t work, this means the eSIM is non-rechargeable, or there has been a network carrier change for the eSIM. In this case, please purchase a new eSIM. 
Note: If the top-up does not activate automatically, please follow the below:
  1. Restart your phone after topping up the service 
  2. Turn airplane mode on and off to recover the connection. 
  3. Disable LTE and select 3G or WCDMA/GSM in your device settings. Then you may manually select a supported network selection and reboot the handset. You may switch back to using LTE/4G after activating a top up package.

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