How do I record a show?

Insert your USB disk (2.0) or SD card into your VBox. Go to the Main Menu, to Settings, and click on the new “Recordings” icon. You will see a window that will show your storage device, and ask you to enable it. Click OK. You are now ready to record.
You can record a program by highlighting the show in the TV Guide and hitting the red button on the remote.The ‘R’ icon will appear in the TV Guide while you are recording.
You can also record a show while watching it live by pressing the red button. It will start recording and you will see the ‘R’ icon blinking in the top right hand corner.
When you want to unplug the SD card or USB key, after you have recorded a show, make sure you go to Settings in the Main Menu, click on ‘Recordings’ and turn the storage device ‘OFF’, before you disengage it from your VBox.

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