How do I clear MAC Lock?

This set of instructions is to help Windows users connect devices directly to their cable modem if one device works, but other devices do not ( i.e. routers, other PC/MAC devices, etc.).
  1. On the computer that is currently functioning, open a command prompt window. (Small Black Window). To do this, press Windows Key + R. Then, in the RUN window that opens, enter "CMD".
  2. With the command prompt window open, type in “ipconfig /release”.
  3. Disconnect your cable modem from it's power source.
  4. Disconnect the Coaxial Cable from your modem. (This is the thick cable that screws into the back of the modem)
  5. Disconnect your PC from the modem.
  6. Connect the device you wish to have access to the internet. Wait 5 minutes.
  7. Reconnect the power to the cable modem. Wait 1 minute.
  8. Reconnect the Coaxial cable. Wait for the modem to synchronize.
You should be connected.