How do I set up my VBox?

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The VBox comes with a provided quick start guide that will help you set it up. You can also check our online manual.

Before starting, check that your internet connection is working. As our TV service is IPTV, the TV channels will not work if your internet is not functional.

Connect the cables as indicated in our quick set up guide and our online manual, by connecting these three cables:

  • Power cable: please plug your VBox to the power. It is recommended to plug it directly to a wall plug instead of a power bar.
  • HDMI or RCA cable: please connect your VBox to your TV. Most TVs have HDMI input. If your TV is older, it might have a RCA input (red, yellow and white cables) instead. Both are provided with the VBox. If your TV has a different kind of input other than those two, it may still work, but full compatibility cannot be guaranteed.
  • Ethernet cable: this is optional but recommended. Your VBox needs to be connected to the internet, either by Ethernet, or by Wifi. If it is by Wifi, you can setup the Wifi connection during the initial setup. Otherwise, plug the Ethernet cable to your VBox and in one of the LAN ports of your router.

Turn on your TV. Your VBox should have turned on when you connected it to the power, in case it's not on, turn it on as well.

Depending on the cables you have used to connect your VBox to the TV, find the correct video source on your TV using your TV remote, not your VBox remote. there should eitehr be a button on your TV remote that lets you change the input/source, or a setting in the setting menu or your TV that will let you do the same. If your used your HDMI cable, it should be one of your HDMI inputs (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3, etc..). If you used RCA cables, it should be the RCA or AV input.

Put the batteries in your remote and make sure it works. If it doesn't, please see our FAQ for troubleshooting your remote, or contact us.

Follow the Quick Start Guide and the instructions on the screen to complete your Google set up. Once you reach the main page of the VBox, select the VMedia app to complete your VBox setup.

If you still have questions or need assistance, please read the other articles in our FAQ, or contact us. Our Tech Support team is available everyday from 10 am to 9 pm by phone, chat or email.