What is eero Secure?

VMedia Mesh Wi-Fi includes eero Secure, a full featured insight & security suite to protect your digital life and ensure  your family’s personal information, devices, and network are protected from online threats, with world-class security.


eero Secure gives you access to parental controls, including content filters, and the ability to block and allow individual sites to help keep your family safe from the content they’re not ready for.


Demystify your network usage with insight into your family’s historical network usage and performance, so you can see who’s consuming the most Wi-Fi data and keep track of your usage over time.


Discover the internet without intrusions.  eero Secure blocks a variety of ads, speeds up browsing, and helps prevent a variety of trackers across the web. You won’t know how you lived without it.


Plus, enjoy active threat protection and access the internet with confidence. Did you know that malicious websites can download malware to your devices without you ever knowing? eero Secure’s active threat protection helps keep your family safe from phishing attacks, viruses, and accidentally visiting deceptive sites. Take that, hackers.