What can I do if my internet speed seems slow?

If your internet speed appears slow, please test it by going to speedtest.net and checking your internet speed. Please do so by using a computer connected to your modem directly by ethernet, and without using a router or any intermediary devices.
If the speed tests results are good, try the same test while you are connected to your router or intermediary device. If the results are only bad when your router is also connected, or only when you are connected by Wifi, it could be because multiple devices are online at the same time, a Wifi issue, or a router issue. Those issues are local, and cannot be fixed remotely or by the visit of an internet technician. If your router was bought from VMedia, please contact our technical support. Otherwise, please contact the technical support of the router's brand.
If the speed tests gives you bad results even when you're connected directly to the modem, please contact our technical support so that may conduct a full troubleshoot.