How Do I Place a Call Using IP Relay?

  • First, login to your My Account from your PC or wireless device.  
  • Select the IP Relay link in the Home Phone section of your My Account, and enter your IP Relay username and password.  
  • In the "Make a call" tab, enter the phone number in the "number to dial field" and any special instructions for the operator (optional).  
  • Select "Call"  
  • The IP Relay Operator will answer by typing "Welcome to VMedia IP RELAY SERVICE, operator #, this is (operator’s name), followed by GA (for go ahead).  
  • The IP Relay Operator will dial the number and will let you know how the connection is progressing e.g. (ringing 1…2…3…), inform you when someone answers, and then give the person's gender in brackets (e.g. (f) female, (m) male).  
  • The Operator will relay your messages, as well as the messages from the connected party, to you and facilitate your conversation.