How Do I Receive a Call Using IP Relay?

Standard Telephone and wireless users can easily initiate calls to VMedia IP Relay users using our IP Relay Service. An IP Relay Operator will type your spoken words to the IP user and read back their replies.
  • First, you will need to provide your contacts with our IP Relay dial-in number and your IP Relay username. VMedia’s IP Relay dial-in number is: 1 (844) 868-0061.
  • When someone calls this number, the IP Relay Operator will answer saying VMedia IP RELAY SERVICE, (operator’s name) SPEAKING, followed by GA (for go ahead).
  • Your contact should then provide the IP Relay operator with your VMedia IP Relay username, and state their name.
  • In order to receive an IP Relay, you must be logged into VMedia’s IP Relay portal.  
  • The IP Relay Operator will attempt to contact you, and keep your contact informed, as they will not be able to hear the line ring.
  • The IP Relay Operator will tell your contact when you have answered. The Operator will relay your conversation to your contact. Both you, and your contact, should type or say “Go Ahead (GA)” when you are finished talking, so this information can then be relayed